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Photo of Leslie Whitley Friedman

Leslie Friedman's passion for abstract expressionistic glasswork is rooted in over 35 years' of design and graphics experimentation in a wide variety of arts media.

A graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's degree in Design, Leslie has spent a lifetime honing her artistic talents in painting, graphic design, interior design, mixed media, and a full-range of clay and pottery work, including especially free-form Raku figures, before turning her attention fulltime to glasswork.

The resulting stained-glass and fused-glass works she now creates at her home studio in Texas, represents a distillation and refinement of her many years' experience in divergent art forms.

Leslie's recent work evokes a lifelong ambition to create artwork that synthesizes immediacy and substance with evocativeness and meaning, while retaining a lively and playful insouciance and an overarching feeling of "fun" in her pieces.